Teach Tech 2017 Resources

Teach Tech 2017 Resources

Code Haven held our second TeachTech 2018 conference on Yale's campus on December 8th, 2018. We had 35+ attendees from Boston to New Haven, teaching Kindergarten to high school. We're sharing presentations and handouts from the conference so everyone can use them, whether you were at TeachTech or not!


  • Introduction and History of Code Haven: Slides, Video
  • Opening Keynote: Why You Should Teach Computer Science by Nathaniel Granor: Slides, Video
  • Hello, World! Coding Fundamentals and How to Teach Them: Slides, Video
  • Code.org Technical Workshop: Slides, Video
  • MIT App Inventor Technical Workshop: Slides
  • Scratch Technical Workshop: Slides, Video
  • Unplugged Activities Technical Workshop: Slides
  • Case Study with Kristina Waldron: Planning a Computer Science Event for Elementary School Students: Slides, Video
  • Case Study with Jason Ward: Robotics in an Elementary School Classroom: Video
  • Case Study with Dr. Heidi Gold-Dworkin: Organizing After School Coding Programs: Slides, Video
  • Case Study with Gregory Mittleider: Implementing a Computer Science Curriculum in the Middle School Classroom: Slides
  • Closing Keynote: Diversity in CS: Slides, Video


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