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Connecting with your students in remote learningOctober 21, 2020

The transition from in-person to remote learning has certainly been tough--there’s no two ways around it. Technology’s unreliability has always been a concern in the classroom, but now there are more serious consequences, like a teacher’s faulty WiFi leaving an entire Zoom-room full of unattended elementary school kids. Those logistical difficulties are clear. Beyond the baseline technical…

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Fostering Community in a Virtual WorldOctober 03, 2020

Most Code Haven mentors fall into the routine shortly after the semester begins: organization-wide mentor meetings on Sunday evenings at the Mann Center on Hillhouse Avenue, then, later in the week, they arrive at the bus stop with their fellow mentors with just enough time to catch a ride to their school. On the way there, mentors exchange worries about the unending stream of due dates from their…

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Moving to an Online CurriculumOctober 02, 2020

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the closing of schools, we at Code Haven have chosen to adapt our current curriculum to an even friendlier online format. In addition to preparing for synchronous online classes, we’ve also created a video team — who has converted the lessons into Youtube videos! Let’s hear what they’ve been up to! justin With kids nationwide having shown a decreased interest…

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An Open Source CurriculumApril 21, 2020

An Open Source Curriculum Making Code Haven's Materials Available to All tl;dr: Check out our new curriculum, published online at! Why Go Online? Code Haven's mission is to inclusively increase access to computer science education in middle schools. For the most part, this mission is realized through our classroom model. This year, we've partnered with 7 classrooms around…

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Reflections on our Spring 2020 CurriculumApril 16, 2020

By Jessica Wang As new curriculum directors of Code Haven for the spring of 2020, Aaron and I were incredibly excited to launch straight into writing weekly curriculum for students to make projects on MIT’s App Inventor. In previous years, curriculum directors have created three different app projects that students can choose from, culminating in a final project that they can showcase at our end…

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TeachTech 2020 - Giving teachers the tools to teach computer scienceMarch 02, 2020

This year, on January 25th, Code Haven hosted our third annual Teach Tech conference. Here’s why we did it, how the day went, and what we took away from it. What is Teach Tech? Every winter, Code Haven hosts K-12 educators from New Haven and surrounding areas to help them learn how to integrate computer science into their school’s curriculum. The day consists of presentations, technical workshops…

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