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Bringing Weekly CS Lessons to New Haven Classrooms

Introducing students to computing at a young age is important in developing interest in computer science. Many middle schools in New Haven don’t have computer science programs. Yale has a wealth of computer science knowledge in its students, faculty, and resources. We want to combine the two worlds and increase interest and awareness of computer science in local schools.

What do we do?

Code Haven’s mission is to inclusively increase access to computer science education in local middle schools. Our team of over 50 mentors teaches hour-long lessons on computer science principles, writing programs in Scratch, and building functional apps at the end of the year. We work to foster a supportive environment where students aren’t afraid to ask questions about a subject area most haven’t been exposed to before our curriculum.

Who do we help?

We work with local middle schools in New Haven, Connecticut. Our students come from all sorts of backgrounds, and many do not have experience with computer science since it tends to be left out of the required state curriculum. We are also expanding our reach by making our curriculum available online: check it out by clicking on "Curriculum" in the navigation bar!

Our Events

Code Haven hosts multiple events throughout the year for students and teachers. In the fall, we host Demo Day to show our students the world of computer science through talks and activities. In the winter, we host TeachTech to equip teachers around the New Haven area with the tools to teach computer science. In the spring, we hold Project Fair, so all of the students can share their functional mobile apps with their classmates, teachers, and parents!

Our Curriculum

Our year-long curriculum is meant for students who have no previous background in computer science. During the first semester, we introduce students to CS concepts like conditionals, loops, and variables. Our interactive lectures are supplemented with “Unplugged Activities” (fun exercises that don't require a computer) and plenty of time for students to code on their own. Our second semester is project-based, and students design and create their own Android apps, like Mario Chase or a photo editor.

What people are saying

"Professional young organization built by hardworking diverse computer science students who care deeply about equity in computer science education..."
David Weinreb, Teacher
"Before I thought it was hard to make an app but I worked with my best friend and we were both successful."
A Code Haven student
"I want to pursue a career in computer science, and my family thinks computer science is the right thing for me."
A Code Haven student